Sunday, March 1, 2015

Review - Lupi Gladius - Veritas

Hello everyone!

I have a new review published at Heathen Harvest, this one for the Italian military pop band Lupi Gladius and their album Veritas. I hope you check it out!


  1. Hello,
    I'm not new to the argument nor the music as I'm an avid listener to Martial ( and other stuff ); I just found your blog and the first thing I thought it was: did you know the works of Anton Shekhovtsov's on this very issue?

    1. Dear Max -

      Thank you very much for writing I comment. I do appreciate this!

      I absolutely have read Anton's work. I actually reached out to him back in 2013-09-17 to engage in a dialog with him and maybe establish a rapport. It didn't quite happen, his answer back to me was short, but that's academia.

      I don't necessarily agree with all his conclusions - example, I pointed out his omission of Laibach from his essay, and his response was that Laibach was not a political band (which I don't agree with). However, it's still an essay using an academic lens to approach the genre, which I wish more and more folks were doing.