Friday, June 26, 2015

Concert Report: Ostara and Caitlin Danenhauer - Los Angeles 2015

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I have a new article published at Heathen Harvest – a concert report! The other month, Richard Leviathan of Ostara was in Los Angeles working on his next album and performance a one man acoustic show. I was there to document the event, and that is now published here:

However, I want to create an addendum to this concert report. One of the preceding acts before Richard Leviathan was a local musician, Caitlin Danenhauer. While I devoted some of the write up to her, I only got to quote and use some of the responses from her when I was composing the article. I’d like to publish the other questions and answers I had in dialog with her to my blog here, so please enjoy this addendum to the Ostara report with this focus on Danenhauer:

You had mentioned from me you had split from your prior band and were performing solo right now. Perhaps you can elaborate on this?

Kybele was my first-ever music project, and when I was choosing a name I saw her myth as a metaphor for what I was experiencing inwardly -- the legend that she was abandoned in the woods as a baby and raised by wild lions was the first of hers that I came across.  In the myth she becomes such a powerful witch that she evolves into an immortal goddess.  I find a lot of my own sources of power and inspiration coming from nature and animals, and for a long time I was exploring my inner states and creating from the center outward.

With Betty Petty, my new project, I'm more interested in starting at the surface of things and seeing how that reflects back at me and the people watching or listening. I'm more inspired right now by what we can perceive from outward appearances and how these impressions effect us for better or worse.  I think I'll always work on Kybele, but for now I wanted to take a new direction with my music.  I won't actually be performing as Betty Petty solo, ultimately, but as I've been writing new songs my band is on tour with their other project, The Cigarette Bums.

Would you like to share your set list of that performance?

I don't actually remember everything I played that night, but I would like to share a video I made for Kybele.  I shot it totally by myself on an iPhone, did all the music except for the bass and some slide guitar, and edited it, and I feel like it communicates so much about what I was trying to do with Kybele. YouTube: Kybele "Wheels"

What did you hope to accomplish with your performance?

It was an unusual show for me because normally with Kybele I'm pretty committed to connecting with her vibe -- communion with nature spirits, fortitude, wildness -- but I was also trying out a lot of new material that was Betty Petty, and that's a whole character I'm just getting into. It was also the first solo show I've had in a while, so I was really just trying not to butcher the songs.

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