Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Review: TSIDMZ, Division S, Perturbator, Miel Noir, Time Moth Eye

Review Recap

It's been a while since I've last updated this blog, the last original material being the MARS interview. My focus is turned to working on my neo-peplum book at this moment while my neofolk oriented writing still appears at Heathen Harvest.

I have not quite been up to snuff relinking my reviews from there to here, so here is a recap of the released I've reviewed thus far in 2016.

Time Moth Eye - Grave Needs

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Time Moth Eye - Grave Needs (from my personal collection)

I am a big fan of Timothy's project Stone Breath, his Werewolf Songs EP being one of the most unique releases and catchy folk songs I've heard in a while. Time Moth Eye is a project of his for content not really geared toward Stone Breath, such as covers and protest songs, but it's quite an enjoyable album. It is also a MEATY album with lots and lots of tracks.

Miel Noir - From the Ashes

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Miel Noir - From the Ashes (from my personal collection)

After a hiatus, the dark-pop band Miel Noir returned with the appropriately named album From the Ashes. Project pillar Marcel P. is a long time friend of mine and I am a fill supporter of his endeavors, so it was important to me to review this album and give him some support. I actually have the limited edition version that has a cloth and a download card, but for the life of me, I cannot find those items to put into the photo. Regardless, check this album out.

Perturbator - Uncanny Valley

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Perturbator - Uncanny Valley (from my personal collection)

Ok, not a neofolk release but a synthwave one, and I am a huge fan of the synthwave genre. Perturbator has rapidly become one of the best acts I have heard in a long time. Their album Dangerous Days was a masterpiece. I had the honour to review their latest album, Uncanny Valley, and I am really proud of this review - I really dive into the cultural backbone of it.

Division S - Something to Drink 6

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Division S - Something to Drink 6 (from my personal collection)

My newest review at Heathen Harvest, the newest album from Division S. I totally bought this album because of the Helmut Newton photograph on the cover. The music is not really my cup of tea, but for those who like their dark-cabaret a bit more on the abstract side, this album is for you.

TSIDMZ - Rene Guenon Et La Tradition Primordiale

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TSIDMZ - Rene Guenon (from my personal collection)

If you recall, I did a huge analysis on the TSIDMZ album Ungern von Sternberg Khan a few years ago on this website. Rene Guenon is the sequel to that album and I got to review it for Heathen Harvest. My review is not as in-depth as my Ungern von Sternberg Khan one, but I think I do a decent job at tackling the mysticsm and traditionalism conveyed in it.

Of special honour to me though is that TSIDMZ lists me and this website in the thank you section in the CD tray:

N. Diak (

What an honour! I am very flattered by this.

Thank you all for stopping by, checking out these reviews and being supportive!